Things to Do in Sentosa: An Ultimate Guide for Visitors

April 4, 2023
Leon WA

Sentosa is a beautiful island resort located in Singapore, known for its stunning beaches, thrilling attractions, delicious dining options, and vibrant nightlife. This idyllic paradise offers visitors a wide range of activities to enjoy, from relaxing on the beach and exploring nature trails to visiting world-class museums and enjoying adrenaline-pumping rides. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family on vacation, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway, Sentosa has something for everyone. With its lush tropical landscapes, clear blue waters, and world-class amenities, Sentosa is a true gem in the heart of Southeast Asia and a must-visit destination for travelers from around the world.

1. Visit Universal Studios Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore is a world-class theme park located in Sentosa. It boasts over 20 thrilling rides, shows and attractions, including the famous Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, Transformers ride, and the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

2. Relax on Sentosa's Beautiful Beache

Sentosa beach

Sentosa is home to some of the best beaches in Singapore. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim or play beach games, Sentosa’s beaches offer a serene environment to unwind. The most popular beaches include Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.

3. Take a Ride on the Sentosa Cable Car

Cable car

The Sentosa Cable Car provides an unforgettable experience of the island’s skyline, and you can even take a round-trip from Sentosa to Mount Faber. The cable car ride is an excellent way to appreciate the picturesque views of the island.

4. Explore the S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world, and it’s home to over 100,000 marine animals. Visitors can immerse themselves in the underwater world and come face-to-face with hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and other exotic sea creatures.

5. Cruising the Southern Islands

Lazarus Island for Southern Islands blog by Wanderlust Adventure Yacht Rental Singapore

Cruising the southern islands of Singapore offers a peaceful escape from the city and a chance to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding islets. This adventure is perfect for those seeking relaxation or adventure and showcases the diverse landscapes of Singapore.

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6. Experience the Thrill of Indoor Skydiving

Sky diving

iFly Singapore is a unique attraction that allows visitors to experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping out of a plane. This indoor skydiving facility provides an adrenaline-pumping experience that’s suitable for all ages.

7. Discover Sentosa's History at Fort Siloso

Fort siloso

Fort Siloso is Singapore’s only preserved coastal fort, and it’s a great place to learn about the island’s rich history. Visitors can explore the various military structures, tunnels, and artifacts that date back to World War II.

9. Fly Like a Bird at Mega Adventure Park

Maga adventure park

Mega Adventure Park is an adrenaline-packed attraction that features a zip line, a rope course, and a free-fall simulator. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Sentosa Island while experiencing an adrenaline rush.

10. Watch the Spectacular Wings of Time Show

Wings of time

The Wings of Time show is a spectacular multimedia performance that combines music, laser lights, and water effects. This 20-minute show takes place in the open sea, and it’s a must-see for anyone visiting Sentosa.