Why we're famous for Fishing Yacht Charters

December 25, 2021
Captain Q

Fishing is an immensely popular recreational sport that people engage in for several reasons. Some find the sport relaxing, others do it for the thrill of a catch, some are sea-loving adventurers looking for an activity while cruising. Regardless of the reasons, fishing aboard a private fishing yacht charter takes you to the heart of nature, away from all the hustle and bustle of life as well as learn valuable lessons that you can carry for a lifetime.

Fishing is something everyone should try at least once!

Fishing is a great way to relax and spend time outside. Whether it be private fishing charters, or party fishing activities, everyone should give fishing a try at least once in their life! Trying out fishing for the first time can be an exciting beginning of a new hobby or sport, so making sure you learn from the best is the best first step you can do.

My Fishing Frenzy Academy (MFFA) by Wanderlust Adventures in Singapore offers fishing courses for new and old anglers alike. Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to discover the art and skill of fishing or looking to refresh your skills after a long time, try your hand at the premier fishing academy in Singapore. With different experiences to choose from like private fishing charters or party fishing activities, you can learn a new skill, get a certificate after the course and make new friends with the same interests along the way!

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Learn from our team of experienced coaches 2

Learn from our team of experienced coaches

Wanderlust Adventures offers you fishing lessons based on your skill level along with experienced coaches who will guide you through each step of the way, even imparting valuable life lessons as they mentor you through your fishing journey. Not only do we have a team of experienced fishing guides who cater to all skill levels, but we have been recognised by Singapore’s local news channel for our excellent courses and causes.

With a team of professional guides at your side and a detailed fishing course, you’re sure to catch your first fish as well as a certificate of your achievement.

You also don’t need to worry about what to bring to the fishing academy as fishing equipment and other necessities are provided for free to learners. Fishing is also a great way to socialise with others. On our trips, you get to learn with a small group and help each other learn a new skill.

Party fishing packages offered are a great way to make new friends or join a new group looking for new activities. Easily accessible for groups of up to 8 people, party fishing is a perfect activity for individuals who are looking to make new friends through a newfound hobby or maybe even share a thing or two they’ve learned for more experienced anglers. Who knows whom you’ll meet along the way?

Wanderlust Adventures offers private fishing yacht charters for groups or individuals who would like to fish with their families and loved ones. This privacy will give you a chance to bond with your close friends and family through the fishing activity.

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Fishing Yacht Charter you can trust

Wanderlust Adventures offers yacht charters for fishing courses and fishing yacht charters for you and your loved ones.

What is included in a fishing charter?

Fishing yacht charters are a great idea to take your family or friends out for a quick weekend getaway at sea. Wanderlust Adventures offers a range of fishing experiences you can enjoy such as the Catch & BBQ, Catch & Cook Cruise, and Party Fishing at the Southern Islands. You not only get to experience the thrill of fishing but you can also enjoy the company of those closest to you comfortably while sailing in the open sea.

What’s great about fishing yacht charters at Wanderlust Adventures is that everything you need is included with you on the boat from the bait, the equipment, to the professional and experienced crew that will help you and your loved ones navigate the sea and the skill of fishing.

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Catch & BBQ, Catch & Cook Cruise, and Party Fishing at the Southern Islands

Trips you can book

Fishing Yacht Charter

Wanderlust Adventures offers fishing yacht charters catered to make lasting memories with your loved ones. This package is for everyone who wants to try out an activity like fishing, where you get to work with our team of experienced coaches who will help you understand how it’s done.

Spend time with 5 of your closest friends and family and try your hand at fishing in the Southern Islands. Ready bait and fishing equipment are provided as well. It’s the perfect idea to relax and have fun for the weekend, all while experiencing a new activity in the open sea.

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Catch & BBQ

Catch & BBQ is another one of the activities offered where you can enjoy at Wanderlust Adventures. In this activity, you can experience catching fish in a fishing activity and then experience cooking your catch using the BBQ equipment so you can cruise and cook on your yacht charter.
In the Catch & BBQ experience, you get to experience catching wild fish, seeing how it is being prepared and cleaned, and cooking it by BBQ all available onboard your fishing yacht charter. Enjoy freshly cooked fish in the middle of the sea whether it be with newfound friends or with close family through private yacht fishing.

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Party fishing at Southern Islands

Party fishing is one of the best ways to experience an amazing day on the Southern Islands of Singapore while making new friends along the way!

With this package, you get to go fishing onboard a private yacht with guidance from experienced and professional fishing instructors complete with fishing equipment such as bait and ice storage so you can bring your catch fresh back to the shore. You can chat with the friendly crew as well as make new friends with other party fishing goers as you experience fishing together.

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Catch & Cook Cruise

Enjoy the thrill of catching your own fish as well as the reward of cooking it for a meal! The Catch & Cook Cruise at Wanderlust Adventures offers an opportunity for you to catch fish, cook or carry it home, all complete with equipment and bait on board as well as experienced fishing guides to coach you through.

If you want to eat your catch fresh, you can experience cleaning and cooking your catch! The Catch & Cook Cruise also lets you experience what it’s like on board a yacht in the area of your choice! With this package, you can get to choose if you want to stay on the flybridge, front deck, cabin or rear deck with up to 5 of your friends and family.

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Take your family and friends on a new adventure

Fishing is for everyone!

Whether you’re learning a new skill or you’re catching up on your fishing after a long hiatus, fishing is for everyone at any part of life. Wanderlust Adventures will offer the best fishing yacht charter package that will cater to your needs, no matter what your skill level is when it comes to fishing, or what memories you want to make, there’s a perfect fit for you with this yacht charter!

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