Unique birthday celebration ideas you can do on a yacht

November 10, 2021
Captain Q

Throw a memorable birthday party

It’s time to celebrate your birthday! Only this time, you want something different. Whether you want to throw a private party with close friends and family or together with your bigger circle, a birthday yacht party is a great way to celebrate. Your birthday celebration should be a memorable one so here are several yacht birthday party ideas you can use for your special day.

Why you should rent a yacht for your next birthday party

There are so many things you can do when you take a birthday yacht rental. If you’re looking for a sea adventure or just wanting to have a quiet evening with a few people, chartering a yacht will give you both the privacy and the uniqueness that you’re looking for to make your birthday celebration more memorable.

A sunset cruise is an intimate way to celebrate your birthday, enjoying the tranquility of the sea, with only a close few to enjoy it with you. You can schedule a yacht charter and have a sunset dinner while cruising, or even try your hand at fishing and catching fresh fish that you can enjoy for your dinner prepared by a top chef.

If you’re looking for fun water adventures, then you can have a bigger yacht for your birthday charter and invite your friends over for water sports activities such as snorkeling or kayaking. You can enjoy grilling BBQ and take the rest of the day chilling out while looking onto the open sea.

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Birthday Party on Sunset Dinner Cruise

Creative ideas How to Have a Yacht Party

Theme Party

This birthday celebration has to have something a little extra, and so theme parties are always a fun way to go! Pick a theme that suits your personality and go all out with decorations, games and party favours. Nautical themes are always a popular idea for this type of birthday party so you can get started on themes like “Pirates of the Yacht” where you and your friends can wear pirate costumes for everyone and have treasure hunts. Themes don’t have to be specific as well, you can just decorate the yacht with the colour theme you like or have your party favours related to your theme. With themed parties, you can go as simple or as crazy as you like.

Consider Having Some Games & Activities

Keep everybody at your party entertained by including water games and activities. Yacht charters in Wanderlust Adventures have packages that include water activities like kayaking, or snorkeling and have water props like magic carpets, and stand up-paddles. There are more options than you can add to your packages such as flamingo floats, bull rides, floating lounges, and water trampolines. If you and your friends fancy a little water competition, having a battle game at sea is also available for rent. You can also explore the nearby islands with a tender boat ride or floating around with the sea scooter.

If being a little more chill is what you prefer for your birthday, you can rent fishing equipment and try your hand at fishing. Don’t worry if you’ve never done any fishing before as professional fishing guides will coach you through your first catch and even have the service of cooking and cleaning the fish that you caught, all ensuring a fresh meal. You can also enjoy the additional inclusion of having a BBQ at sea as Wanderlust Adventures have a BBQ pit ready for you.

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Birthday Celebration on Yacht

Don‘t Forget About the Music

Birthdays aren’t as festive without music! Put some time into planning out the music and your playlist. It could be a jam of a particular decade, a collection of the top 100 hits of the time, or songs that you like to sing and dance to. Share your taste in music with your and you can even request the service crew to play it on speakers.

If you’re planning the birthday surprise for your loved one, maybe even involve the crew to sing happy birthday with you. The team at Wanderlust Adventures will surely help you in giving you or your loved one a memorable birthday celebration with the number of services they have.

Give Your Guest List Plenty of Time

Booking for the right time within the day is also something you want to do so that you can maximise the day. Wanderlust Adventures is a service provider that caters to the day’s and even evening’s activities so you can be assured that your birthday is filled with memories. You can choose to schedule your birthday yacht charter in the morning where you can enjoy fishing and other water activities, or you can also choose to cap off your busy day with a sunset cruise and dinner to commemorate your birthday.

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All you need for a great Birthday Boat Party

Wanderlust Adventures is a yacht charter service provider that has all you need for your birthday yacht celebration. Services ranging from yacht cruises to dinners, or wet & wild activities are available for you to choose from for an unforgettable birthday celebration.

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Sunset Dinner Cruise - Girls day out

Take a Cruise

Birthday celebrations are also about reminiscing and taking time to reflect and be grateful. Taking a chill cruise at sea while watching the sunset is a great way to be reflective with nature and to take a pause and savour the blessings of your birthday. Then, you can close off the day with a delicious dinner prepared especially for you by a top chef.

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Celebrate with a Birthday Boat Party

You can choose to spend your birthday with a Wet & Wild Escape package from Wanderlust Adventures and enjoy water activities for you and your closest friends. You can enjoy a relaxing float in the open sea with inclusions like the magic carpet or explore the underwater treasures and fish diversity by snorkelling. You can also move around and wander to the nearby islands by kayak. These inclusions will ensure that you have enough going for you to enjoy your special day.

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Private Birthday Boat Parties

Celebrating your birthday is also about privacy and intimacy. You can choose to celebrate your birthday by going on a fishing cruise and exploring the seas. Professional guides are also present to help and coach you through fishing and who knows, you might even discover a new hobby on your birthday! You can also have your fresh catch cooked and prepared for dinner by a top chef onboard your yacht. What’s great about birthday yacht charters is that you can also dock on Lazarus Island and have a private dining experience with your close friends or loved ones.

Birthday celebration at the sea

Have a fun, memorable experience celebrating your birthday on a yacht

Making memories is something harder to do with limited options to move in during these unique times happening around us. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make it fun on this special occasion. Wanderlust Adventures is there with you to make your birthday extra memorable through their yacht charters and special birthday packages. Whether you’re going for a private and intimate birthday celebration or a fun and wild one, make the most of your day as you add another moment to your life!

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