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December 2, 2021
Captain Q

The ultimate staycation

Staycations have been trending since the start of tight travel restrictions to other countries and provide you with a great opportunity to explore the local scenery of your beloved hometown. Still, your staycations don’t have to be the usual hotel room or the usual four corners of your home, even if your options are limited. How do you achieve that memorable staycation experience even if you can’t fly a plane? Then take your staycation to the seas by hiring a yacht charter!

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Why consider your next staycation on a yacht charter?

People choose staycations because they still want that vacation feel, but without having to risk their safety and spending all of their holiday allowances or incurring extra costs for travelling. Instead of staying at home or at a hotel room, stay on a yacht and breathe the fresh air of the open sea instead! Yacht charter is an amazing way to get out of the house and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank and breaking the health protocols.

Here are several reasons why you should consider your next staycation on a yacht charter.

Relaxing on the high seas

Staycations have become popular over the past few years because it gives people time to rest and recharge while still being able to afford luxuries like great food and amazing ambience. You can catch up on your reading with your favourite drink in hand at the deck of the yacht while you stare at the open sea and then when the water’s cool, take a dive and come back up for a meal. Taking a yacht charter staycation gives you all these luxuries plus the privacy and solitude at sea.

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Picturesque view

One thing that’s special about a staycation yacht charter is that it brings a picturesque view of the sea unlike no other. Enjoy the beautiful sunset dinner with the ocean as your backdrop. Wake up to watch the sunrise with your morning coffee, or start your day with an idyllic morning walk on the beach of a nearby island. You can choose to be laid back or adventurous with your staycation with several water activities to choose from such as private fishing, enjoying swimming, or floating in the open sea while your yacht charter docks. You can take pictures of the Raffles Lighthouse in the frame in one of your stops as well as have lunch along its shores.

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Staycation packages at Wanderlust Adventures let you choose between a 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights itinerary that includes meals, and other water activities you can enjoy with friends and family or by yourself aboard a luxurious catamaran. Your staycation yacht charter also includes stops to scenic spots in Singapore such as having lunch near the Raffles Lighthouse or snorkelling and kayaking in the Ketam channel as well as allowable water activities that you can do.

Spacious accommodation

Yacht charter staycations will give you the privacy of your yacht, the spacious accommodation, and all the amenities included in it for a comfortable stay. With the staycation packages at Wanderlust Adventures, you get to stay on the luxurious catamaran together with up to 6 of your friends and family plus a full-day itinerary of places and activities that you can do. Dine on board at the deck or lounge around watching the sunset, or you can spend the day at the comfort of your room aboard the yacht catching up on your sleep. With the spacious area of the yacht together with complete inclusions, it’s up to you to choose how you spend your yacht charter staycation.

Complete amenities you need for a comfortable staycation

Your staycation yacht charter comes with rooms and areas where you can lounge and dine as well as exciting activities that you can do at sea. If you’re more into relaxing, you can lounge as your yacht charter docks nearby. For the more adventurous type, swim or snorkel in the surrounding waters or play water activities together with your loved ones. You can also enjoy a BBQ dinner on the yacht and even get the chance to cook your catch during your private fishing activity.

You don’t have to look around for equipment for the activities that you want to do as your staycation yacht charter also includes rental of fishing equipment so you can try your hand at fishing. You can avail of all these amenities plus the aid of professional fishing guides who are ready to teach you if you need help.

Exciting activities

Your family and friends will enjoy the different water activities and adventures that come along with your staycation package. With a staycation yacht charter, you can not only enjoy the food and fresh catch of the sea, but you can also enjoy a planned itinerary of water activities and adventures like exploring the islands you will dock on, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, even fun water activities like lounging on a magic carpet in the open sea, jumping around the water trampoline, or playing a battle game on the floating ring.

Raffles Lighthouse

Explore the nearby islands

Your staycation itinerary will take you to nearby islands as your yacht charter docks. During this time you can take a stroll on the shores of Lazarus island or even have a picnic, take post-worthy pictures and breathe the fresh air. At the end of the day, enjoy a relaxing BBQ dinner on the shores of Lazarus island with freshly cooked meals prepared by top staff.

Snorkel by Pulau Hantu

Take a dive and snorkel around Pulau Hantu and explore the underwater species and coral in the waters! You can also take a stroll along the island shores, and take post-worthy pictures and explore the island. You can set a picnic along the shores or swim around near the beach or go for a deep dive.

The island is rich in marine life you can see and discover or simply enjoy the sight of fish and other sea creatures. You can also experience fishing along the waters of Pulau Hantu and see what you might catch and cook for a meal.

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Learn to Fish

You can also try your hand at fishing during your staycation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner at fishing or you’ve had tonnes of experience before, you’ll feel assured that expert and professional fishing guides are ready to guide you on your private fishing yacht charter all complete with the equipment that you can use onboard.

Wanderlust Adventures offers packages where you get to try your hand at a fishing activity, and then also get to experience how to cook what you catch, fresh from the sea! Enjoy a fresh BBQ dinner onboard your luxurious yacht, maybe with a drink in hand and your loved ones on board to enjoy.

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Kayak through the Ketam Channel

Fill your day with water adventures such as kayaking or riding a tender boat through the Ketam channel. Calm waters will drift you through as you pass by and see the sights of Pulau Ubin and Jurong.

Wanderlust Adventures staycation yacht charter also includes stops to scenic spots in Singapore such as having lunch near the Raffles Lighthouse as well as allowable water activities that you can do.

Play in the sea with your friends & family

You can fill your day with water activities that you can enjoy with family and friends! Staycation yacht charter packages at Wanderlust Adventures include water activities and equipment such as the magic carpet, stand-up paddle so you can lounge and float about in the open sea.

You can also choose to add other high-energy water activities that are also available for an affordable fee such as Flamingo Float, Battle Game, Bull Ride, Floating Lounge, or Water Trampoline so you can splash about and play water games.

Chilling on Staycation

Chartering a yacht

Wanderlust Adventures offers several yacht charters to choose from with a staycation yacht charter package. You can choose from yachts that have up to 6 guests so you and your family, friends and loved ones can all enjoy an unforgettable staycation together!

You don’t need to travel far to say you’ve had a full vacation. There’s nothing quite like a staycation experience that takes you away from it all and brings you back refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face another week at work!

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