The Ultimate Business Leisure Traveler's Guide to Singapore: 8 Must-Do Activities and Free Perks!

November 5, 2023
Lorraine Chong

Singapore Business Traveler’s Paradise: Are you a Singapore business traveler with a taste for leisure, heading to the bustling city of Singapore? Look no further! We’ve prepared an exciting list of activities to help you make the most of your stay while also highlighting essential free perks that will enhance your trip. What’s more, we’re thrilled to introduce you to some fantastic opportunities, such as the unique Marina Bay Sands yacht cruise, provided by Wanderlust Adventures. Let’s dive right in!

Marina Bay Sands Cruise with Wanderlust Adventures

Set sail for an epic adventure on your very own private yacht with the Marina Bay Sands Cruise by Wanderlust Adventures! Get ready to be wowed as you experience the iconic Marina Bay Sands from a whole new perspective. It’s not just a cruise; it’s a party for your taste buds. Feast on scrumptious local delights like Hainanese chicken rice, paired with a refreshing sugar cane drink that will have you craving for more.

But that’s not all! Are you a night owl who loves to soak in the city’s sparkle? Well, this is your chance to do just that on your exclusive private yacht! Tuesday nights are where the magic happens, and this package is the talk of the town. You won’t want to miss the stunning night views of Singapore’s skyline.

Ready to hop aboard and spice up your Singapore trip? Check out the incredible cruise packages at It’s not just a cruise; it’s a recipe for unforgettable memories on your very own private yacht!

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Catch and Cook Fishing Adventure for Singapore Business Traveler

Singapore Business Traveler Fish Caught During Fishing Trip - Honeycomb

Love fishing? Book a “Catch and Cook” fishing yacht charter trip with Wanderlust Adventures. This package is a true angler’s paradise, complete with 8 sets of fishing rods, bait, and an experienced instructor to guide you. It’s a fishing experience like no other! It’s a favorite and popular activity for every traveler.

BBQ Fishing
Our skilled crew not only cleans your catch but also grills it to perfection, using banana leaves for that extra flavor punch.
Things to do in Singapore Fishing Catch and Cook
Our customers truly enjoyed a BBQ with the freshly caught fish of the day at Lazarus Island! It doesn't get any fresher than this!

Singapore’s rich fishing history inspired this experience. In ancient times, it was known as Temasek, a bustling fishing village where sea gypsies skillfully caught and cooked fish.

BBQ Fishing Yacht Charter

After your fishing adventure, enjoy a BBQ dinner with the grilled fish you caught. Don’t forget to bring your own food for added variety. Discover more at It’s fishing, grilling, and unforgettable memories all in one package!

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Gardens by the Bay: A Must-See for Singapore Business Traveler

Garden by the bay with your valentine date. Renting a yacht is always so convent with Wanderlust Adventures.

Get ready to lose yourself in the futuristic beauty of Gardens by the Bay, an absolute must-visit for Singapore business traveler. This urban oasis offers a delightful escape right in the heart of the city. The captivating Supertree Grove and the stunning Cloud Forest Dome are just the beginning. 

Singapore Business Traveler Flower Dome Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay: Flower Dome
Gardens By The Bay: Sun Pavilion

As a bonus, the outdoor gardens, including the Flower Dome and the Sun Pavilion, are open for exploration, and they’re absolutely free.

Sentosa Island: Perfect for Singapore Business Traveler


Singapore business traveler, unwind at Sentosa Island’s beautiful beaches, where you can relax or indulge in water sports. The island also boasts Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium, and Adventure Cove Waterpark for the adventure-seeker in you.

Chinatown: A Vibrant Experience for Singapore Business Traveler


Explore the vibrant and historic Chinatown in Singapore. It’s a must-visit destination for Singapore business traveler. Discover unique souvenirs, savor delicious street food, and visit the Thian Hock Keng Temple. Don’t forget to haggle for the best deals!

Little India: A Colorful Haven for Singapore Business Traveler

Little India

Singapore business traveler, immerse yourself in the colors, scents, and flavors of Little India. Visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, indulge in authentic Indian cuisine, and shop for ethnic clothing and spices.

Clarke Quay: Nightlife Bliss for Singapore Business Traveler

Clarke Quay

After a day of exploring, unwind at Clarke Quay. This riverside quay comes alive at night with restaurants, bars, and clubs. It’s the perfect place for Singapore business traveler to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Free Wi-Fi Spots in Singapore for Business Traveler

Singapore Business Traveler Free Wi-Fi

For the tech-savvy Singapore business traveler, Singapore offers free Wi-Fi in many public places, including Changi Airport, MRT stations, and most shopping malls. Stay connected and share your Singapore adventure with the world.