Reasons to go for a yacht tour in Singapore

August 11, 2022
Captain Q

When it comes to visiting Singapore, many would first think about checking out the sights and sounds in the city, shopping along Bugis Street, enjoying the delectable street food or soaking up the bright lights surrounding the Marina Bay Sands. Beyond the hustle and bustle of city excitement, Singapore also offers a relaxing island experience that has the gentle breeze caressing your skin and breathtaking views well, taking your breath away.

To know more about what we’re talking about, here are five (5) reasons why you should go on a yacht tour in Singapore at least once in your life!

Sunset view from yacht

Being more famous for its modern city highlights, most would overlook that Singapore also offers an amazing sunset view for sunset chasers. What could be a better way to chase the sunset than by relaxing on a yacht with great company while enjoying the cool breeze? We guarantee that this would be a novel experience for every visitor to Singapore. The best part? You won’t have to take a single step – just sit back and relax on the deck!

2. Romantic dinner experience

Yacht Dinner Party Singapore

What could be a better icing on the cake to a wonderful sunset viewing experience than to have a romantic dinner afterwards? Of course, this doesn’t always have to mean dinner between couples. You can always enjoy a special dinner on a yacht with close friends and family, especially when celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

3. Getting a different perspective of Singapore’s beautiful city

Singapore City Night View

So, you’ve seen the Marina Bay Sands up close and enjoyed its beauty while touring Singapore on foot. While sailing on a yacht, you will get to see a different view of the Singapore skyline, past the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and other iconic landmarks that make Singapore the famous city it is today.

Memorable Wedding Proposal on Yacht

Chances are you will remember your wedding proposal more than your first date. If this is the case, why not make an extra effort to make your proposal a memorable one? Afterwards, enjoy an unforgettable wine and dine experience on board our Synergy 1 fleet!

Catch of the day

Who says you can’t go fishing in the city? Gather up a few friends this weekend and enjoy a fishing trip on our Nebula fleet! Depending on luck, you will be able to get bountiful catches of groupers, snappers, breams, tusk fish, trevallies and more. At the end of the day, our crew will help prepare your fresh catch according to your preference to bring home and enjoy.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy a family party onboard and enjoy a day of 
sailing, fishing and
 on our yacht! Nothing tastes better than freshly caught fish prepared immediately and enjoyed with loved ones.

Make precious memories with your loved ones and discover the hidden, lesser-known parts of Singapore while sailing on our yacht today! Check out our existing promotion today and get in touch with us to know more. We hope to see you aboard soon!