How to create a beautiful Yacht Proposal

October 25, 2021
Captain Q

Getting engaged is a special time, and planning it should take careful consideration.

If you’re looking for a proposal idea that’s out of the ordinary, then how about proposing on a yacht? Yachts are romantic and they create the perfect location for proposing. Yacht charters are a great way to celebrate this special time, but it can be difficult knowing where to start. The most important thing is making sure your partner is surprised and does not see it coming. Here are some tips and things to consider on how to make the yacht proposal perfect and for getting down on one knee in style.

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Ideas for Proposing

A yacht proposal will give them an amazing memory that they’ll never forget! Whether it’s to celebrate your special anniversary or spicing up a dinner date, you can surprise your loved one with this gesture of getting a yacht charter. Here are some ideas on how to make it even extra memorable as you plan to pop the big question.

Taking a sunset cruise is the perfect way to pop the question.

The engagement is just the first step towards the big day of the wedding. Whether done in the presence of family and friends or just between the couple, the setting and mood on board a yacht are perfect for sharing such an important moment with those you love.

A sunset cruise is an ideal time to propose and ask your partner to marry you! Picture starting with fishing activity, then set off on a sunset cruise, dinner with your catch of the day and then to cap the day off, a proposal!

You can set up the perfect proposal on a yacht charter that covers all the necessities for your romantic event, from the decor to the wine.

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Plan for a Day or Evening Proposal

Make an itinerary for a day or evening proposal that goes with you and your loved one’s personality. If you would like to go for a romantic vibe, consider taking them on a nighttime ride. Have dinner with romantic music, coupled with complimentary wine and even go all out by watching fireworks go off at night while docking. This will definitely set the stage for a proposal that they won’t soon forget!

If you are looking for an adventure-packed proposal idea, plan for a day itinerary that includes fishing or maybe docking by Lazarus island and taking a romantic stroll, taking pictures while exploring the island. Maybe even have a daytime picnic on the island before getting down on one knee!

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Get creative while proposing on a boat or yacht

Keep the surprise for a little while longer by having fun activities before popping the question. In this way, she won’t suspect anything until you get down on one knee. Not only will you get to enjoy the day together by doing a unique activity, this is also a good distraction so she won’t notice the staff getting busy preparing for the proposal.

You can take her on a yacht trip to Lazarus Island and enjoy the day strolling the beach, trekking the island or even having a picnic. You can plan for a treasure hunt activity around the island where the last stop will be where the ring is located and you already have set up the area with decorations and props.

Another way you can do this is to plan for a fishing activity. You can set up the fishing activity and pretend to “fish” the ring out! That will surely get her attention and make a lasting memory for both of you to laugh and enjoy.

Yacht charter packages in Wanderlust Adventures include a trip to Lazarus Island or catch and dine activity, complete with bait and fishing equipment for you to try your hand at fishing. If it’s your first time, professional guides are on board to teach you how so you can catch a bonus dish for dinner prepared by a top chef! You’ll surely have something to talk about at the end of the day before capping it off with a proposal.

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Take her to the most impressive part of the boat

Now, which part of the boat should you get down on one knee? Most proposals happen at the foredeck of the yacht where it’s spacious enough to have flowers and other decorations placed for your marriage proposal.

If you prefer to propose indoors, you can also set up dinner in one of the cabins and set up the room with confetti, flowers and balloons for the proposal. Having your proposal indoors gives you more control of what props to use and you can if the weather is too windy for what you had in mind.

Proposal Plan on Singapore Yacht

How to plan the proposal

If the wedding or proposal is coming up soon, hiring an event yacht charter service provider like Wanderlust Adventures will help you with planning and coordination. This will be helpful especially if you have never chartered a boat before, or simply are looking for ideas from the experiences of the seasoned captain and crew. The professional staff will surely lend a hand to make this proposal unique to you.

Romantic Boat Ride & Music

A romantic boat ride would feel lacking without the right music. Having the right kind of music can also bring back sweet memories of times in your relationship such as your first date, or a time you went on a long road trip, or even the song that she likes to sing and repeat. These little details will surely make her smile as you talk about memories you have. You can set up your couple playlist that includes all of the songs that remind you of her and your relationship together, and ask the captain and crew to play it on the speakers for you. This will set the mood up for that big event when you take the ring out and ask her the big question!

You also have the choice to avail of yacht charter services for a private boat just for yourself or you can share a catamaran with others and choose the best part for your proposal. In a catamaran, you can choose the flybridge, front deck, or even the cabin to set up your proposal.

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Special Decorations

Marriage proposals need decoration to spice it up. You can bring candles and set them up around the boat, including ones that spell out “Marry Me” or even flower petals, balloons or confetti spread on the boat. You can also think about bringing along props like signboards that say “Will You Marry Me” and have the staff hold them as you get down on one knee.

Schedule your yacht proposal with Wanderlust Adventures in Singapore to have proposal packages that include a complimentary house wine and dinner with a special menu prepared by one of our top chefs. You can even request for the crew for their special participation by acting on a scene to keep her distracted or to take her off somewhere while you get ready. The professional crew can surely honour your unique requests.

How to keep it a surprise?

So, you’ve scheduled a yacht charter and have talked to the crew about your special requests, the challenge now is: how can you keep it a secret? Keep your cool and just think of it as a casual day out and enjoy your date with your loved one. The professional staff are always glad to help you set up decorations while you keep her distracted with the day’s activities.

You can even make it look spontaneous by whisking them off to a surprise dinner date, complete with bouquets and decorations on the yacht to cap the day off. They would be even more surprised when you suddenly pop the question with the ring. But you already know what to do, don’t you?

What to wear?

You might ask: what should I wear? The idea of a surprise engagement is to get your partner off guard, but making sure they feel comfortable and confident throughout the day or evening can be key. Make sure you look smart but also wear clothes that won’t get dirty easily.

It is not advisable to wear white! This is because it may get ruined and difficult to clean off. If the proposal does go ahead, you will regret ruining your favourite outfit at such a special moment.

You can also wear something formal while keeping in mind your comfort. You’ll be doing things like climbing in and out of the boat or maintaining your balance at sea. Balance your look with comfort as well as something that will look good for pictures and memories to keep for a long time.

How To Create A Beautiful Yacht Proposal - Things to consider

Things to consider

Who will be on board?

Are you involving close friends and family on board? Yacht charters can cater to up to 5 people now, given the health and safety restrictions. Having other people on board with you also helps to keep the surprise a secret for a little while longer. Get your friends and family in on the marriage proposal and maybe even assign them roles for this special event. Set it up so that people closest to you can witness this special moment in your lives.

Health & Safety Restrictions

Given the unique situations and the global pandemic around us, yacht charters are a perfect way to ensure privacy and safety as you celebrate a momentous event. Services at Wanderlust Adventures will make sure that your yacht proposal in Singapore is safe as they have implemented guidelines according to government standards. You can rest assured that you can go home, happy and healthy at the end of the day.

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What time slot is most popular?

Scheduling a time to propose is also important. Is your partner a day adventurer or a night person? Both morning and evening schedules have their unique advantages.

What’s great about scheduling a time during the day is that you can get to fill up the schedule with activities such as fishing or even make a stop at Lazarus Island and have a noon time picnic or stroll the shore. You can even take a swim in the seas and explore the diverse underwater scenery by snorkeling.

If you pick a schedule nearing the evening, you can watch the sunset while cruising and have a romantic dinner under the stars set up before the proposal. You can play music on board, decorate the deck with romantic candles, and have a cosy dinner with the yacht’s specialty prepared for by a top chef.

Yacht schedules in Wanderlust Adventures cater to different times of the day, whether morning, noon or at night. You can also schedule your marriage proposal together with special occasions such as Valentines or Christmas Eve for affordable rates.

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Where to get down on one knee?

What’s good about chartering a yacht is that you can go anywhere and propose at a different place. You can propose on the front deck of the yacht itself while facing the sunset view, stopping in the middle of the sea, or framed with the view of Lazarus Island. You can schedule a day adventure trip to Lazarus Island, and propose after you’ve explored the island or even when you’ve disembarked at Marina Sentosa Cove and suddenly get down on one knee.

What do I say?

When the jitters come in, you might get tongue-tied and suddenly don’t know what to say anymore. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Include your best memories when you’re starting your proposal speech, which can even include the adventures you’ve just had on the yacht. Then you can continue with what you’re looking forward to as you begin your life together after your marriage proposal, and of course, ask the big question! Make the proposal unique and memorable to you by adding your own inside jokes and just enjoy this special moment in your lives!

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Look forward to a life together

The marriage proposal is just the first step towards the goal: marriage! As you decide to make this change in your life and move towards a life together as a married couple, it’s important to make the moment a celebration of the two of you together. Enjoy and have a good laugh as you remember cherished memories together while you take another step into another exciting chapter of your relationship!

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