Guide to yacht rental in Singapore

September 29, 2022
Captain Q

A Singapore yacht charter is a welcome alternative to holding your social gatherings in a hotel room, a chalet, or even an event venue. On a yacht, you’ll get to experience the finest of both worlds as opposed to being cooped up inside the four walls of a building.

Cruising on a yacht, you are welcome to venture outside, enjoy the sea breeze, and relax away from the bustle of the city. You can always come back inside to unwind once you’re done sunbathing! Additionally, if you’re attending a business event on a yacht, you can forego the restrictive formal attire and dress casually in shorts and slippers.

The kinds of events you can host on a yacht are not restricted in any way. The following are often the occasions for which individuals rent yachts:

  • Weddings and solemnisation
  • Corporate retreats 
  • Parties and gatherings with family and/or friends

Additionally, you can spend the night aboard a yacht! Why not take your staycation to a whole new level by doing it on a yacht if you’re bored of staying in hotel rooms? Be aware, though, that some yachts are better suited for particular events based on the type, capacity, and amenities onboard.

What can you do on a yacht?

Plenty! Every yacht has a fridge and icebox so you may always have cool drinks on hand.

The majority of the boats also have sound systems for your favourite songs, and some have karaoke rooms. So feel free to sing as much and as loudly as you like throughout the length of the yacht charter! You can always take a nap on the sundeck and get a tan if you’re wanting to unwind and take in the sea breeze.

Once the boat docks, you can continue the fun on the water since most yachts provide kayaks and stand-up paddleboards as well as other water toys. Additionally, some models include jet skis that you may hire as an add-on.

You might also decide to swim in the ocean to improve your swimming prowess. You can also tour the Lazarus and St. John’s Islands if you don’t mind getting your hair wet. You won’t always get to explore these pristine, isolated beaches every day unless you rent a boat to travel to these islands!

You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages with you! We don’t have a corkage fee, so you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol (other than red wine). Alternatively, you can choose the BBQ add-on if you find that bringing your own food is a nuisance. Take note that only the staff will be permitted to prepare meals onboard owing to insurance restrictions.

Our packages

At Wadventures, we provide a wide range of fun packages both for casual day trips and overnight excursions.

Choose from the Wet & Wild Escape – Yacht Rental package that’s ideal for a group of 8 to 23 people that allows you to enjoy plenty of water activities and is suitable for corporate get-togethers, team-building events, family bonding and a yacht party in the middle of the ocean. This yacht rental package includes activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and a floating carpet for you to chill on.

If you are an avid fisherperson, you can also opt for the Fishing Charter package which is suitable for a smaller group of 6 to 8 people. This package allows you to go on a proper fishing trip and catch fishes such as groupers, snappers, breams, tusk fish, trevallies and many more! At the end of this trip, our crew can help you prepare the fish as you like to be brought back home to be enjoyed.

Alternatively, if you’re just looking to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, our Sunset Dinner Cruise will hit the right spot, showcasing the best sunset from Lazarus Island, topped with a delicious dinner of fresh catch of the day.

Should a day trip not cut it for you, you can also choose to go on our Staycation package (2D1N or 3D2N). This exclusive package takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into the deep azure calmness of the ocean. You can either choose to relax on the deck or enjoy a wide range of water activities such as fishing, swimming and kayaking.

Interested to know more about our yacht rental? Check out our list of fleets, plus the information on their capacity and prices here. Contact us for additional details and more!