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November 11, 2022
Captain Q
Yacht Party

If you’re planning to throw a memorable party, rather than renting a venue, why not take your guests sailing on a yacht? A yacht party is fun and novel, plus it will make your guests feel like they’re movie stars! The elegance and sophistication of your party will leave guests speechless, and they will be talking about it for a very long time.

Luckily, a yacht party doesn’t have to be difficult to organise. Just follow these tips and guidelines to get started:


1. Have a clear party flow

Being at a party surrounded by food yet not being able to eat them is the worst! Make your guests feel at home by having a clear party flow and always having snacks and drinks served before it’s time for the main course. Have the captain or your designated emcee for the night make brief announcements to let them know when the next part of the evening has started.

Clear labels may be very helpful here. Additionally, a modest sign that reads ‘buffet open all evening’ or ‘free flow drinks’ can be helpful if guests are permitted to consume something immediately or all night long.


2. DJ and dance floor

Having a dance floor is one of the best benefits of choosing a yacht. Your guests will be eager to unwind and get mingling, especially once the vessel is moving. You would want to create a warm environment where your guests can enjoy themselves and create priceless memories.

If the music isn’t right, even the least shy dancers won’t start dancing. To choose the right music for the crowd, make sure you select the best DJ in the business – or at least one of the best. After spending the entire night dancing and mingling, the guests will return home tired yet happy!


3. Prioritise safety

At the start of the journey, the skipper should deliver a few straightforward safety statements to keep everyone informed about the safety aspect of the yacht party. On a yacht, everything is novel and exciting, therefore, it’s crucial to remind your guests how to stay safe at all times.

Your guests will also feel more at ease and prepared to unwind if you take a moment to explain where the emergency supplies (first aid kit) are located, what to do and whom to look for in case of an emergency.


4. Serve the perfect menu

The quality of the food you serve at a party will either make or break your guests’ experience. Nonetheless, if it’s beyond your budget, don’t try too hard as you can never outdo the expectations of those who have become accustomed to the fine dining experience.

Choose the appropriate menu for your guests by working with your chef and event planner. To ensure that no one feels uncomfortable requesting special accommodations, make sure to accommodate everyone’s preferences – vegetarian, vegan, etc. Such thoughtful additions will make your party more memorable.


5. Pick a nice destination

Prior to the party, ask your captain about the pros and cons of the various destinations that are available. You have the opportunity to take your party guests to a previously unexplored area of the city, perhaps somewhere other than Lazarus Island. Unique destination choices should offer beautiful nighttime landscapes, light displays, or local fauna.

There are numerous alternatives for the itinerary of a party yacht, which is one thing to keep in mind. Plan the ideal route for the journey to make the most of your event. As you sail by, the captain should make an announcement informing the visitors of the noteworthy locations along the way.


6. Think of the little things

Think of all the little things that may make travelling on a yacht more enjoyable for your guests. For instance, motion sickness medication should never be overruled in case there are guests who might need it. 

Find a way to inform of the availability of these items without making a major statement. Due to the power of suggestion and the potential for ruining the party atmosphere, you don’t want too many individuals to report feeling ill. Instead, put up a simple sign in the restroom to indicate that medicine is available when necessary.

You may also want to consider stocking the bathroom with good-quality toiletries and soft towels to maximise your guests’ comfort throughout the party. Additionally, if you’re throwing a corporate party, you may also consider personalising the experience by putting your company brand on the toiletries.


7. Settings and decorations

The decor onboard the yacht is usually the last thing guests would consider – unless it’s inappropriate, in which case it can disrupt the party’s flow.

Get the right party atmosphere by working with the yacht’s event planners, and make sure the decor is flawless so that no one notices. There is a tonne of alternatives available to you while planning the evening. Utilise all the resources at your disposal to make your party experience enjoyable for the guests.


8. Extra treats

To come up with some bonuses for your guests, collaborate with your tour guide or event organiser. Your guests likely won’t have any expectations if the evening is already amazing. However, imagine their delight if you also were to give them something extra as a door gift.

A small bag of candy with a personalised ‘thank you’ note is a simple yet memorable door gift option. Plus, they don’t even cost a bomb!



Throwing a successful party is an art worth mastering. You will be remembered fondly by your social circle as a generous person who is fun and full of great taste!

If you are a business owner, throwing a successful corporate event will give you extra mileage in the PR department. Follow our tips above, and you’re guaranteed to throw a memorable party that will keep your guests buzzing for a long time.

For more yacht party ideas and bookings, please get in touch with us here. We’ll be happy to help you throw a great party!