Dream wedding on a yacht charter

November 24, 2021
Captain Q

Your wedding is right around the corner and if you are looking for something unique to have your dream wedding, having your solemnisation on a yacht charter is an excellent idea! There are many reasons to consider having your wedding on a yacht charter, so here are some of the perks of having your wedding on board a yacht!

Sunset view from yacht

Why Plan a Yacht Wedding?

There are many ideas on planning for the ultimate wedding celebration, so it’s important to take note of what you want, as well as make sure people at your wedding will remember your solemnisation for years to come.
If you’ve always loved travelling at sea, you can bring your guests along through a yacht charter. Yacht solemnisation would not give your guests a chance to witness a unique experience at sea, but it would also let them enjoy activities that you also like to do.
Yacht weddings also provide a sense of intimacy. Having only a few guests at your solemnisation makes it much more intimate and personal and you can give attention to the needs of your guests.

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A romantic setting and beautiful landscapes for your wedding

What’s great about wedding charters on a yacht is the scenery. Celebrate this special moment with the one you love in a romantic sunset and sea setting, and will make for great photos you can look back on.

A yacht solemnisation is an amazing opportunity to spend some time with your friends or family in order to create lasting memories onboard the yacht and take photos at some scenic locations during the trip. After the solemnisation, you can cruise and explore the nearby islands and share your first dance on board the yacht, or even share memories and laughs with those closest to you.

Imagine saying I do with the sunset and the sea as your backdrop and your yacht still dockside. It can even provide a calming effect celebrating your wedding dockside, as you are surrounded by close friends and family. Yacht wedding charters provide a lot of romantic, intimate, and unforgettable moments that you and your family can capture and keep.

Yacht charter with the crew for a wonderful wedding

Solemnisation on a yacht charter also includes an awesome crew that will cater to your needs and make sure that you will have a great time celebrating your wedding. Professional yacht charter service providers will include the best crew that has tonnes of experience having yacht weddings so that yours will be uniquely one to remember.

With Wanderlust Adventures, you can be assured that the crew will provide quality, professional and personalised service who will treat your wedding as their own and make it perfect!

Wanderlust Adventure Yacht wedding champagne

Wedding Services adapted to your needs

Yacht charter weddings are not only unique but can be customised to suit the needs of the bride and groom, as well as their guests. Whether safety is your top priority, entertainment, or privacy, you can adjust your yacht wedding requests.

Wanderlust Adventures makes sure that yacht wedding packages and inclusions are flexible so that they can provide you with services that are suited to your needs and requests. The professional crew will provide services that will ensure the quality of service and products, so you can expect nothing but the best during your yacht wedding day!

Perfect for those with an adventurers spirit

Yacht charters are also perfect for people who love to travel because they offer a sense of freedom. Sailing the seas, exploring the nearby islands, or saying “I do” dockside, then celebrating the reception in the middle of the sea, there is a sense of freedom and adventure brought by the open seas. If you and your loved one have always been adventurous spirits, feeling the wind in your face and smelling the salt of the sea, what better way to celebrate your wedding!


Solemnisation onboard

The unique taste of getting married onboard a yacht is that it provides you with a sense of intimacy. You’re able to have your wedding dockside or on the yacht and travel to the middle of the sea where you can continue with the wedding ceremony. Having your solemnisation on board a yacht charter provides a feeling that this particular moment is yours.

Celebrate important moments in privacy and solemnity, together with close family and friends with Wanderlust Adventures wedding packages.

Celebrate being together, just because!

Spontaneous moments such as taking them to dinner in an unconventional way and doing activities that you don’t normally do will surely keep you feeling in love. Not only are the yacht charters available on weddings and anniversaries, but you can also celebrate occasions such as Christmas, Valentines or New Years on the seas, enjoying dinner, with people you love. Activities such as watching the sunset or catching fish and even getting it cooked for dinner, all on a yacht will surely make for new memories, one that you can treasure and tell others for a long time!

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Decorate the yacht however you like

You can easily decorate the yacht for your solemnisation onboard. One of the perks of having a wedding yacht charter is that it’s a blank canvas that you could make as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can choose to decorate the aisle, or set up a simple trellis so you can stand at the front of the yacht. You can keep it simple by only having one colour or even filling the yacht with flowers and confetti. It will be an expression of who you are as a couple.

Cater to your taste

Catering on board a yacht charter can be suited to your preferences. From choosing the yacht’s cuisine to how your wedding cake should taste, a yacht charter is a blank slate that you can fit all options to you and your tastes.

It’s important to work with the yacht charter service provider who is knowledgeable and has tonnes of experience in holding weddings so they know what would work best and how to best place your decorations for your special day!

Wanderlust Adventures ensures you that your wedding celebration on their yacht charter will be one that you won’t forget. Their professional staff and crew will assure that your wedding requests are catered to and that you will have a memorable time on board their yacht charters.

Saying I do dockside

Getting married on a yacht dockside is a unique way to celebrate your wedding solemnisation. With simple decoration, close friends and family, a calming sea and the sun setting, guests can either stand or sit on the yacht or near the dock and witness this special moment of exchanging vows. Getting married on a yacht dockside will cater to more guests as they can stand or sit near the yacht where they can still have a view of your solemnisation.

If you would like to have an intimate wedding reception with your closest friends and family, you can also come on board and sail to a private area after the ceremony to celebrate the start of your marriage.

Check out the yacht wedding packages at Wanderlust Adventures for more information on how they can make your yacht charter celebration special!

Cruising the Southern Islands

Enjoy a cruise to the Southern Islands during one of the most memorable times of your life. You can explore the nearby island after your wedding celebration or even swim around and discover the marine life.

What’s great about having a yacht wedding charter is that you can cruise and dock in the middle of the sea if you choose to have an intimate celebration, with the sea, sunset or even the Southern Islands as your backdrop.

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