5 Tips for Hosting a Media Event on a Yacht Charter

February 1, 2022
Captain Q

Why choose a Yacht Charter for your event venue?

Wondering where to host your next media event? With stunning sea views and luxurious island scapes, a yacht charter is the perfect venue! Whilst hosting events on the mainland island has its thrills, consider switching it up for you and your guests by engaging the unique appeal of a yacht. As an alternative solution to event rooms, restaurants, or party rooms, create a sense of freshness for your event against the backdrop of electrifying blue waters and fresh breezes, the rush and adrenaline leaving a lasting impact for years to come. The action of planning, developing, and executing a media event takes a lot of hard work, but with Wanderlust Adventures, your job is made much easier with our experienced team to guide you along the way.

Bask in intimate sea views with your esteemed guests on the Party Boat

Bask in intimate sea views with your esteemed guests on the Party Boat

There is nothing more perfectly cosy than the thought of catching the sunset up close and personal. Forget green screens at your next media event, the novel experience of gazing across the horizon in the middle of cerulean waters equips you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the specific chosen hours of your event, be treated to 360-degree views of the skies surrounding you as you take in these breathtaking views from the middle of the ocean as your yacht charter indulges you with coastlines and pristine beaches of the nearby Lazarus Island and St John Island along its cruising route

Create a memorable event with city backdrops from the sea!

A perfect yacht event experience in Singapore is not complete without the best of both worlds! On top of gorgeous oceanic views, indulge your special guests with additional city backdrops from your yacht charter. As the evening slowly descends, light up the faces of your guests on board with breathtaking views of Singapore’s cityscape at night as you mingle with the comfortable ambiance of light music, drinks, and refreshments, taking in the skyline of Singapore’s Central Business District from the comfortable cruise route specially crafted for your media event here at Wanderlust Adventures.

Our friendly team will tailor a luxurious yacht event experience for you.

Our friendly team will tailor a luxurious yacht event experience for you.

If this is your first time considering a yacht charter event in Singapore to host your media event, fret not! At Wanderlust Adventures, our friendly teams are here to assist you with everything you will need for your event. As you set out on fine-tuning the details of your media event, there will be many factors and extenuating circumstances to be considered and accounted for. For events that lend a heavy emphasis to detail, be rest assured that our team of experienced professionals provide the proper guidance, going beyond their abilities to ensure a smooth journey and event preparation for you and your guests out at sea in your very own yacht charter in Singapore.

Reserve the highlight of your event on the best part of your yacht charter!

When you think of a yacht media event, the first thing that comes to mind – aside from the views and the unique experience – is of course the yacht itself! Be it hosting a product launch, a news conference, a photography booth, or ceremonials, reserve the highlight of your yacht event on the best part on board! Giving a champagne toast at the cockpit with all your guests, or even engaging in moonlight chatter on the spacious foredeck of your yacht charter, the night will end with a bang tailored to suit your events’ needs and expectations.

Book our luxurious Catamaran yacht for your media event!

Entertain your guests with custom dining menus on the Boat.

No event – big or small – is fulfilled completely without food. As your entertainment stretches into the evening, pamper your guests with dining packages catered specially to suit your media event! At Wanderlust Adventures, we offer privileges that keep all your dining requirements in mind, in order to give you and your guests the best yacht experience out in the waters. With gorgeous sea views and cascading cityscapes, our custom dining options will add a layer of flair, etching this unforgettable taste into the hearts, minds, and stomachs, of you and your guests. 

Embark on your yacht event journey across waters

Ready to embark on your yacht event journey across waters?

One of the most beautiful aspects of chartering a yacht for your media event on waters is the freedom and privacy of choosing your cruise route, docking your yacht anywhere, and just enjoying the serene landscapes of islands, beaches, and the ocean! As you embark on your journey to host your event across waters, relish in the intimacy of being surrounded by nature as well as good company.

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