20 Fun Things To Do In Singapore

November 11, 2022
Fun things to do in Singapore
Do you think that Singapore is just a city with tall buildings? Rethink that! Despite being small, Singapore has a lively international air and is a lot of fun to explore. We’ve created a checklist to ensure you get all the tiny red dot offers, from fun things to do in Singapore like top-notch parks to exciting theme parks, and family-friendly attractions.
How many will you cross off this list, including the most incredible fun activities and enjoyable locations?

1. A stroll at Gardens by the Bay

The two conservatories, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, and the stunning, recognisable Supertree forests, are what make Gardens by the Bay so famous. The Flower Dome has a variety of succulent species, seasonal flowers including cherry blossoms, sunflowers, and even lavenders, as well as constantly shifting seasonal displays. 

The Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound event takes place at night, which is the ideal time to see the Supertree Grove. To wander through the trees and take in the sights from the top, go to the OCBC Skyway.

2. Picnic at the Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is one of the best locations to picnic with loved ones! Bring your four-legged friend along and fly a kite on the rooftop’s ample grassy space. Gather a picnic basket and enjoy the breathtaking Singapore skyline as the sun sets.

3. Visit the ArtScience Museum

If you have curious young children, the location to visit for picture-perfect scenes is the ArtScience Museum. Our favourite feature of the Crystal Universe, which houses the teamLAB exhibition Future World: Where Art Meets Science, is the 170,000 LED lights. You’ll have the impression that you’ve been taken to another planet!

You may also explore a world of art, science, culture, and technology across 21 exhibition spaces, so your visit will be fascinating, enthralling, and instructive from the moment you walk in.

4. Fun and games at Marina Square

Bring your kids to Marina Square for a fun-filled day of indoor activities. Go playground hopping and conquer all indoor playgrounds here, including Kiztopia, Pororo Park, and NERF Action Experience!

5. Take a Ride on the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer, Asia’s most enormous observation wheel, is unquestionably a must-see attraction in Singapore. Take in the spectacular vistas of Singapore as you soar through the air; if it’s a clear day, you can make out the Singapore Changi Airport from here. 

Also, did you know that the Singapore Flyer’s height equals 31 male giraffes stacked on top of one another? Now you do!

6. Enjoy the view from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Head to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark for fantastic views of the Central Business District and Marina Bay! We suggest coming here in the evening to catch the sun setting over the horizon at dusk before the city lights start to twinkle.

7. Enjoy a day trip to Sentosa

If you’re looking for things to do in Singapore, Sentosa is a must-see. This is the location to cross things off your bucket list because it is the home of the well-known Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium. Spend the entire day having fun here with your friends and family!

Looking for a funner way to experience Sentosa? Go on a Sentosa Sunset Cruise on a yacht. The view is simply to die for!

8. Visit Universal Studios Singapore

At Universal Studios Singapore, the twin coasters Battlestar Galactica and the Jurassic Park flume ride will satisfy your craving for an adrenaline rush. Hollywood is the area closest to the entrance and features palm trees, colourful architecture, and the Walk of Fame, which is fantastic for pictures. Additionally, there are several eateries nearby, including Mel’s Drive-In and Starbucks.

9. Go bungy jumping at AJ Hacket

If you’ve been wanting to go bungy jumping, you can finally cross it off your bucket list at AJ Hacket. Swan dive down as you enjoy beach views after leaping from 34 metres above the water. Why not also conquer the Giant Swing with your buddies if you’re searching for something to do together? Swing from a height of 40 metres above the ground and feel you’re flying at speeds of up to 120 km/h!

10. Experience the underwater world at S.E.A Aquarium

One of the biggest aquariums in the world, Singapore’s S.E.A. Aquarium, houses more than 100,000 marine animals. Our top three attractions include over 1000 different species: hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and jellyfish. 

Psst, remember to also visit the Open Ocean habitat, the centrepiece of the S.E.A. Aquarium, where you can see the fantastic ocean panorama unfold before your very eyes.

11. Enjoy the Skyline Luge

Get on the ski-lift-style Sentosa Skyride to enjoy expansive vistas of the entire island! You will then change to a Skyline Luge, a hybrid ride that combines elements of a sled and a go-kart, to continue your descent.

12. Get a bird’s eye view of the Island on the Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car is one of the most incredible ways to experience Singapore’s Southern District’s sights! Take in the panoramic views of Sentosa and Mount Faber, one of Singapore’s oldest hilltops. If you time your ride with the sunset, your photos will have a stunning background.

13. Visit Madame Tussauds

The wax statues at Madame Tussauds may not accurately represent the real people they’re modelled after, but they undoubtedly resemble them almost exactly! So get your cameras ready for those photo ops with everything from the man on your Singapore dollar bills to alien monsters like E.T. Besides, where else will you be able to boast that you have a selfie with David Beckham?

14. Get tricked at the Trick Eye Museum

With the aid of these creative illusions at the Trick Eye Museum, confuse your Instagram followers with photographs of you riding an elephant and being wrapped around a bamboo stalk. Pose creatively, and remember to charge those cameras!

15. Fly high at iFLY Singapore

Try bodyflying at iFLY Singapore if you’re too scared (or too poor) to go skydiving outside! You’ll experience a sensation similar to stepping off a plane and into the open air inside our wind tunnel. Don’t worry, you’ll be trained by qualified instructors and outfitted in skydiving gear before jumping.

16. Go on a Mega Adventure

At the Mega Adventure, take a risk and zip across Sentosa’s white sandy beaches and thick jungle canopy. If travelling at up to 60 km/h isn’t exhilarating enough for you, you can opt to ride upside down instead.

17. Get cultured at National Gallery Singapore

Visit the National Gallery Singapore to see the most recent regional art exhibitions if you’re an art or culture fan. The museum houses 8,000 works of art by well-known local and regional artists, and interactive shows are introduced every few months to give you a fully immersive experience.

18. Experience the Ducktours Adventure

The acclaimed Ducktours trip is a one-hour excursion on an amphibious vehicle that takes you through the Civic District before launching into the water for a harbour tour and cruising past landmarks like the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands! Family vacationers love this unique experience, named one of the Top 10 Best Family Experiences at the Tourism Awards Singapore.

19. Explore the trails at Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park is an iconic hilltop landmark that has seen many of Singapore’s milestone events. There are eight various trails you may choose from while you explore the park. Still, history fans will especially enjoy the Colonial Historic Trail, which transports you to a time when the top of this formerly Forbidden Hill was crucial for communication.

20. Take a walk down the photogenic Haji Lane

The trendy indie neighbourhood of Haji Lane in Singapore is full of energy and personality. This lengthy, winding street is loaded with unique concept stores, quirky shops, and fusion eateries that are sure to pique your interest. It’s impossible to stroll down Haji Lane without noticing the incredible murals that have been painted on the exteriors of the buildings. These not only give the space a tonne of colour and character, but they also create a great photo wall!


Singapore has something to offer to everyone, regardless of age, interests, or energy level! Do enjoy your visit and explore the wide range of fun things to do in Singapore. Do enjoy your visit and get in touch with us for a unique yachting experience in Singapore.