Private Sunset Dinner Cruise in Singapore

Set sail into the magic of the evening with our private sunset dinner cruise in Singapore, the perfect blend of luxury and adventure for any occasion.

Why Join Our Sunset Dining Cruise in Singapore

Step aboard for a sunset dining cruise that transforms a simple meal into an extraordinary voyage across the glistening waters of Singapore. This cruise is not just about dining; it’s an immersive experience that melds the awe-inspiring beauty of sunsets with gastronomic delight and a splash of adventure, perfect for anyone seeking a unique escapade.

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Exclusive Privacy & Intimacy

Flexibility in Timing

Customisation Decorations

Scenic Skyline Cruise

Variety of Experiences

Suitable for Special Occasions

Unique Dining Experience

Our sunset dinner cruise offers more than just dining; it's an interactive culinary adventure. Guests have the unique opportunity to learn fishing and then BBQ their fresh catch, adding a personal touch to their dining experience. This exceptional experience marries culinary art with the day's freshest catch for a dining adventure that's second to none.

Ideal for All Occasions

From romantic evenings under a canopy of stars to joyous family gatherings or birthday celebrations, our sunset dinner cruise moulds itself to fit every special occasion. The scintillating sea and the mesmerising Singaporean sunset serve as a majestic backdrop, making every moment onboard truly unforgettable.

Exclusive Complimentary

We elevate your cruising experience with complimentary offerings that include fishing gear, BBQ setups, and expert fish preparation services. Experience alfresco dining like never before, curated by the exceptional Chef Lim, celebrated Master Chef 1st Runner-up.

Our Sunset Dinner Cruise Packages

Explore our exclusive sunset dinner cruise packages, each crafted to deliver a unique and unforgettable experience on the waters of Singapore. Choose from three luxurious yacht options, each promising a memorable evening of fine dining, scenic vistas, and nautical elegance.

What You Will Experience

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Kick off your morning with a splash at My Fishing Frenzy Academy, where our expert guides will turn you into a fishing aficionado in no time! Once you’ve reeled in the big one, our crew will transform your catch into a mouth-watering grilled masterpiece, perfectly paired with your choice of wine. It’s the ultimate bonding experience, whether you’re with your circle of friends or making memories with loved ones.

Enjoy a glass of wine during sunset as our chef prepares your dinner on the private yacht charter. Dive into a dining experience like no other with dinner on a boat by the beach that’s steeped in romance.  Set sail again after dinner and enjoy a cruise to MBS and the Flyer to see Singapore’s beautiful skyline!

Elevate your romantic experience with our exclusive beachside dinner. This uniquely enchanting evening, only found at Wanderlust Adventures, where every moment is crafted for unforgettable memories by the sea.


Explore our gallery, capturing the essence of our sunset dinner cruises—moments of splendour, relaxation, and breathtaking dining settings against the backdrop of Singapore’s seascape.

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Add-Ons and Extensions

Elevate your sunset dinner cruise experience with our thoughtfully selected add-ons and extensions, designed to enhance your journey into a tale of unparalleled luxury.

Dinner By the Beach

$300 for an add-on romantic dinner by the beach.

What Our Guests Say

We had an amazing time out at sea with Captain Q and his crew on the lovely Artemis 1 last Saturday evening. The weather was good and we sat out at the front of the yacht as it sailed out. Myself and most of my companions were new to fishing in the open sea, but we had a great time learning from Captain Q and his crew. The captain also prepared a lovely dinner of chicken and freshly caught fish from the sea that trip. I am amazed at how yummy freshly caught fish tasted. This was a surprise birthday celebration for my boyfriend and he had enjoyed it immensely. We will definitely be looking forward to another adventure with Captain Q and his awesome crew in due time! 🙂 Thank you Captain!
Jun 2019
Highly recommended was an awesome trip which I organize for my hubby surprise bday trip! He really enjoyed it and we were even fishing for the 1st time very fun experience and we managed to catch 2 fish which was later bbq and served to us! I would say this trip was very great for both of us and the yacht driver and the fishing guy was both serving an excellent service to us! From the time they received us till sent us back home they were very homely service keep on checking on us if we were comfortable and we're the food good and keep helping us to take photos! And I have to say the food was awesomely delicious! We enjoyed very much! And the fish we caught and cooked was very fresh and different taste which we have never taste before! And lastly was served bday cake for my hubby everything was top notch! We enjoyed every single moment from the time we board and alight! We enjoyed our peaceful dinner at an island under the stars! This will be a part of our memories for the rest of our lifetime! Thank you so much wanderlust for giving us a wonderful experience and your team did a great job surely will recommend to all my friends and luv ones! Keep up the great job! 👏♥️
Mar 2021
We spent 4 hours in yachet to celebrate my friend and husband joint birthday. even though not catch fish,still a lot of fun.
Qian Angela
Google Review
May 2021

Other Yacht Packages

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Boat Fishing & BBQ (Artemis 1)


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