Boat Fishing & BBQ on Yacht Charter (Artemis 1)

If you want to try fishing Singapore waters, we have this special boat fishing package with BBQ service where our crew prepare delicious grilled fish for you!

Ideal for 8-10 pax

Fishing setups provided: 8 sets

If you have a bigger group, please click here for larger yacht charter with BBQ experience.

Morning – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Afternoon – 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

What You Will Experience

A day of adventure looking for the best secret fishing spots in Singapore!

Try your hand at boat fishing in the Southern Islands of Singapore. You will be guided our very experienced My Fishing Frenzy Academy instructors.

Enjoy the taste of freshly grilled fish caught yourself!

Do remember to bring along your own BBQ food (uncooked/cooked)!

BYOB  with no corkage fee!


Let our very experienced fishing captains bring you to the most exclusive secret fishing spots in Singapore!

Exclusive private BBQ dining experience onboard after a long day of adventure!

Taste the difference in grilled fish freshly caught from the ocean, it is a life-changing experience!

Read about one of our guests’ experiences here!


ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

Click here for directions!

What's Included

Add On
BBQ Menu

View BBQ menu – $188

Menu may vary subject to availability.

Add Ons &

Peak , Off-Peak & Black-out Dates

$100 surcharge for peak period*.

$200 surcharge on the following black-out dates.

  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. National Day
  3. Eve and actual day of Christmas and New Year
  4. Eve, 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year

$200 Surcharge for trips that fall between 10pm-9am

*Peak period is from Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays and Eve of Public Holidays.
Off-peak period is from Mondays to Thursdays.

Add on Pax

Off-peak period – $60/pax

Peak period – $80/pax


Off-peak period – $150/hr

Peak period – $200/hr

​Prices are subjected to GST.

Terms &

Cancel / Prepayment

Any change in date or destination is considered as cancellation.

Less than or 3 days prior to trip – No refund

Less than or 7 days prior to trip – 50% refund

More than 7 days prior to trip – Full refund with 10% cancellation fee

No Age Limit

There are no age restrictions.


All our yachts are pet-friendly! – $50/pet

All pets are required to wear pet diapers and to always remain outdoors.

There will be a deposit of $500 for pets without diapers. It will be refunded within 3 working days after the trip should there be no cleaning services required.

Any damages, stains or mishaps may be chargeable based on the replacement value.

Payment Methods

Credit card, PayNow or Bank Transfers accepted.

What Our Guests Say

winnie yap
Taking Wanderlust yacht charter is a pleasant one when I organize a course mates gathering on this year Feb. Service crew and Captain were very pleasant, polite and take every measures to ensure our safety on boarding the yacht since this is first time we take yacht. One of the service crew, Raymond very patient to teach us how to do fishing. Finally we got the catch and enjoy them at the Lazarus Island with a glass of red wine. My course mates enjoy this yacht cruise in the afternoon, looking at the blue blue sky, feel the sea wind, look at the southern tip islands, what a wonderful day. Wanderlust will be my preference for my next yacht trip.
Winnie Yap
Apr 2021
tim nash
We had a wonderful day out celebrating our son's birthday. We caught 4 fish that we could eat (and several smaller ones that needed to be returned to the sea): 3 were cooked for us by the captain when we stopped on Lazarus Island, along with some shrimp and squid, and the biggest one we took home and had for dinner the next evening. The team were very friendly and patient, especially as we broke several lines and lost a number of hooks and sinkers. They provided plenty of equipment and bait! If the weather is good, you are in the sun all day so come prepared with cream and hats and coverings.
Tim F Nash
Google Review
Mar 2021
Went on yacht tour.. The crew has great experience in fishing. We had great bbq session too. Crew has good recipe on BBQ lime sauce. Visited Kusu island, a peaceful island with turtles.
Mar 2021

From $1,299 / 8 pax

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