Boat Fishing Trip in Singapore

Embark on the ultimate boat fishing expedition in Singapore! For those avid fishing enthusiasts, book our private boat fishing charter guided by our experienced My Fishing Frenzy Academy instructors. We strive to ensure you go home with a good catch!

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Why Join Our Boat Fishing Trip in Singapore

Leap aboard our boat fishing trip and immerse yourself in the electrifying experience of battling the fish amidst the breathtaking scenery of Singapore’s Southern Islands.

Our Boat Fishing Trip Package

Discover the perfect fishing escapade with our boat fishing trip package. We’ve tailored our boat fishing trips to fit all group sizes, where you will set off for a memorable fishing experience with your family or friends!

Catch n Cook 54

What You Will Experience

Set sail on a day-long angling adventure with our boat rental under the expert guidance of our experienced captain and instructors from My Fishing Frenzy Academy! You’re in for an unforgettable fishing experience, targeting prime catches like groupers, snappers, breams, tusk fish, trevallies, and beyond!

Our highly experienced fishing captains ensure you not only enjoy the journey but also return with a bountiful catch. Discover exclusive fishing spots with our skilled captains.

At day’s end, choose to take your catch home or cook it onboard to enhance your fishing experience. BBQ your fresh catch and savor the flavor of your freshly grilled fish!

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Explore Unique Fun-Filled Activity

Comfortable Luxury Yacht

Fishing Guidance

Expert Knowledge of Southern Islands’ Fishing Hotspots

Exclusive Catch and Cook Experience

Hassle-Free Inclusive of Fishing Equipment


Explore our gallery to see the exciting moments and impressive catches from our previous trips, capturing the essence of the adventure that awaits.

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What Our Guests Say

Hear from our satisfied guests who have experienced the thrill of fishing with us, sharing their stories of excitement, relaxation, and unforgettable catches.

We spent 4 hours in yachet to celebrate my friend and husband joint birthday. even though not catch fish,still a lot of fun.
Qian Angela
Google Review
May 2021
We had an amazing time out at sea with Captain Q and his crew on the lovely Artemis 1 last Saturday evening. The weather was good and we sat out at the front of the yacht as it sailed out. Myself and most of my companions were new to fishing in the open sea, but we had a great time learning from Captain Q and his crew. The captain also prepared a lovely dinner of chicken and freshly caught fish from the sea that trip. I am amazed at how yummy freshly caught fish tasted. This was a surprise birthday celebration for my boyfriend and he had enjoyed it immensely. We will definitely be looking forward to another adventure with Captain Q and his awesome crew in due time! 🙂 Thank you Captain!
Jun 2019
Literal best experience ever with Diana and Tan such fun booked for my partner’s birthday and we were allowed to sit infront amazing views and the hospitality we received was the best they were so sweet and really took care of us offered to help take photos multiple times and showed us how to fish the food was surprisingly really good as well you’d think how good can chicken be it was reallyyyy gooddd and fresh fish was the cherry on top would definitely give it a try again or even try their other charters/packages.
Google Review
March 2024
Highly recommended was an awesome trip which I organize for my hubby surprise bday trip! He really enjoyed it and we were even fishing for the 1st time very fun experience and we managed to catch 2 fish which was later bbq and served to us! I would say this trip was very great for both of us and the yacht driver and the fishing guy was both serving an excellent service to us! From the time they received us till sent us back home they were very homely service keep on checking on us if we were comfortable and we're the food good and keep helping us to take photos! And I have to say the food was awesomely delicious! We enjoyed very much! And the fish we caught and cooked was very fresh and different taste which we have never taste before! And lastly was served bday cake for my hubby everything was top notch! We enjoyed every single moment from the time we board and alight! We enjoyed our peaceful dinner at an island under the stars! This will be a part of our memories for the rest of our lifetime! Thank you so much wanderlust for giving us a wonderful experience and your team did a great job surely will recommend to all my friends and luv ones! Keep up the great job! 👏♥️
Mar 2021
Spent four nights in Singapore. Considered a boat charter on the last day and came across Wunderlust. Was one of the better experiences. Boat had everything we needed and more with the numerous water activities, chilled water and blue tooth speakers. Crew were really fun and welcoming and we mostly sat with them the whole trip whilst they explained where we were navigating and the history/sights we cruised past. Unlike most experiences in Singapore, this was half the price of an apples for apples boat charter is AUS. 11/10.
Google Review
March 2024
Booked for birthday celebration. Fantastic experience with a very warm and attentive staff. Capt Osman is very helpful and professional. Capt Tan was also a great host. Food was delicious too! Highly recommended.
Google Review
March 2024
I have a positive experience with wanderlust adventures. I book a romantic dinner proporsal experience with them. Melisa was a kind and patient coordinator to ensure my experience and proporsal was successful. On the actual day, the crew captain Rizal, helmsman dayama and ZiXiang was very professional in their job. The decoration for proporsal they prepared was to expectation. The footage taken was well appreciated and perfect. The fishing experience was surprising enjoyable. They passionately share and taught fishing at sea to us well and even brought us to multiple spots for fishing. My partner and I managed to catch up a few fishes and one is big enough for cooking. The fish taste good. The romantic dinner they cooked was to expectation too. Overall rating is a 5 stars for the successful proporsal and unique experience on the yacht.
Google Review
Sept 2023
Great experience and excellent service from the staff… guiding us how to fish… preparation of simple dinner meal, short stopover at Lazarus island, etc.. a short 4 hours trip suitable for family.. my family of 4 (2A2C) simply love it and we will be back!!
Google Review
Aug 2023

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Boat Fishing & BBQ (Artemis 1)


$1399 / 8 pax
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Frequently Asked Questions about Boat Fishing Trips in Singapore

Fear not, novice anglers and seasoned fishers alike! Our boat fishing trips require no prior experience. With expert guidance at the ready, we promise a delightful and rewarding journey for everyone.

Absolutely! We’ll equip you with all the necessary fishing rods and gear, ensuring you’re well-prepared to reel in the day’s bounty.

While there’s no limit to the treasures you can pull from the depths, we champion sustainable fishing practices to preserve our marine wonders for generations to come.

The victory of the catch is yours to keep. We advocate for responsible fishing and are happy to prepare your catch, making it ready to take home and savour.

Onboard safety is paramount. Equipped with life vests, first aid essentials, and a crew skilled in safety protocols, we ensure a secure voyage for all adventurers.

Absolutely, our boat fishing trips welcome the littlest anglers, offering a safe, enjoyable experience for children, under the watchful eyes of their guardians.

Sunscreen, hats, and comfortable attire are must-haves for your fishing trip. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunglasses, and any personal nibbles, though we’ve got the hydration covered with onboard mineral water. And remember, seasickness medication is advisable 30 minutes before setting sail.

While meals aren’t included, the option to BBQ your fresh catch adds an exquisite touch to your adventure. We provide mineral water to quench your thirst as you fish.

At the heart of every voyage is your well-being. Should the skies turn grey, rest assured, we’re vigilant. With an eye on the forecast and a readiness to adjust, we promise alternative plans or rescheduling to safeguard the brilliance of your adventure.

Embark on an escapade whose duration is as flexible as the ocean is vast. While a typical fishing trip lasts between 4 to 6 hours, the true measure of your adventure is tailored to fit the package you select and the experiences you seek.

Fear not, beginner anglers! Our expert crew is on deck to guide you through the basics, turning novices into enthusiasts. We’re here to bolster your confidence and joy in fishing every step of the way.

Life’s tides are ever-changing, and so we’ve crafted a cancellation policy with empathy at its core. For a clear understanding of how we manage adjustments and cancellations, our terms are your compass.

The horizon holds exciting offers and exclusive discounts just for you. Keep a keen eye on our website or reach out directly to uncover the treasures awaiting in our latest promotions.