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Yachting Lifestyle

The perfect getaway is different for each of us. But there is one thing we can all agree on – they are priceless. We help you to make the most out of every precious adventure.

Luxury of Choice

Choose your Locations & Yachts

Choose from 4 countries with over 40 yachts, all with high standards you can expect from us.

Getaway Anytime

You are not limited to a specific time of year or yacht. Sail as often as you want, whenever you want.

More Varieties

From 30ft to 110ft yachts, choose the yacht that fits your adventure plans.

Peace of mind

A Brand You Can Believe In

Wanderlust Adventures has pursued excellence and innovation, delivering unforgettable adventures as one of the most trusted brands in the yachting industry.

Your Adventure Is Secured

One of the main reasons people choose membership is that it makes adventure a certainty rather than just a possibility.

The Prestige

Lifetime of Adventures

Go on your adventures and benefit from them!

Purchase The Time You Need

Purchase Membership Points according to your personal travel interests and needs.

Status of Freedom

A prestigious membership that is beyond the pursuit of financial freedom.

Membership Privileges

5000 points Upon Registration
Spend & Earn - $1 = 1 Point
Refer A Friend Earn Their Points (First Purchase)
4 Countries Over 40 Yachts
Sail All Year Round
Trusted Brand
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Points System

Enjoy a one-time complimentary gift of 5000 miles (Worth $50.00) upon registration!

Keep track of your purchases, bookings, WanderMiles and edit your account details with ease.


Every $1 spend will earn you 1 mile when you pay for your packages and products.


Enter the amount of miles you wish to use on the check-out page and enjoy your discounted pricing.

Spend & Earn - $1 = 1 Point


Miles expire 2 years from payment and all miles expiry automatically renews every time you make a new purchase.


Refer a friend to join us and get to earn the same amount of miles from their first purchase on our website!

The more referrals, the higher your chances of gaining more points.

Our network enables you to choose from over 40 yachts and countless packages in 4 different countries.

We will also be expanding to even more countries to further broaden our network in the yachting industry. 

Be the first to know of our newest routes and sail with us as the pioneers of our future trips at exclusive prices.

Exclusive Benefits

Join us on this journey and keep yourself updated with our exclusive news and promotions!