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Points System

Every 10,000 Miles is worth $100 on Checkout

Enjoy a one-time complimentary gift of 5000 miles (Worth $50.00) upon registration!

Keep track of your purchases, bookings, WanderMiles and edit your account details with ease.


Every $1 spend will earn you 1 mile when you pay for your packages and products.


Enter the amount of miles you wish to use on the check-out page and enjoy your discounted pricing.

Spend & Earn - $1 = 1 Point


Miles expire 2 years from payment and all miles expiry automatically renews every time you make a new purchase.


Refer a friend to join us and get to earn the same amount of miles from their first purchase on our website!

The more referrals, the higher your chances of gaining more points.

Our network enables you to choose from over 40 yachts and countless packages in 4 different countries.

We will also be expanding to even more countries to further broaden our network in the yachting industry. 

Be the first to know of our newest routes and sail with us as the pioneers of our future trips at exclusive prices.

Exclusive Benefits

Join us on this journey and keep yourself updated with our exclusive news and promotions!

WanderMiles Packages

Purchase our exclusive membership packages and get bonus Miles!

Bronze –  25k Bonus Miles ($250)

Silver – 88k Bonus Miles ($880)

Gold – 150k Bonus Miles ($1500)

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